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help mira start her family farm

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As many of you know, farming is my passion. I have farmed for over a decade. I have been “growing” my kids more the past few years, but have always kept my hands in the soil one way or another, staying connected to farming.
Gerard and I have been looking for the right opportunity for a long time now, where he can pursue his interests, I can pursue mine, and we can live and raise our kids on the farm. We have finally found a home to lease with land attached, that suits all of our needs. The farm will be in Horsham, Montgomery County, PA. This is perfect for us, because we can remain close to family, friends, Gerard’s work, and suburban/urban markets.
We want to spend more time outdoors. Find balance. Grow our own food. Sell organic, nutritious foods to our neighbors. Keep bees for pollination and for honey. Raise chickens for eggs. Expose our children to the miracles of nature.
However, a farm start-up is no small feat. Some of the major costs are seeds/transplants, a walk-in cooler, a tractor/implements, tools, irrigation supplies, deer fencing, soil amendments, and so on. My goal is to raise $25,000 to help cover some of these costs. I am confident in my farming and business skills, but I do need your help to get started! We chose March 15th as our deadline because that is when we move to the new place and also when I need to get to work in the fields!


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