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national park to offer farmland

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If you’ve ever daydreamed about fleeing your desk to start a farm, or trading in your mortgage to live in a national park, doing both at the same time might feel like winning a custom-made lottery (after scratching off your bacon-scented ticket, of course).

In May, the National Park Service’s (NPS) Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio will announce its latest call for applications in a program that awards 60-year leases to farm on park land. Lease holders live in single-family renovated farm structures within the park. Only three coveted leases will be awarded in this cycle, and the NPS doesn’t see another call for applications in the foreseeable future.

The successful competitors will join 10 national park farms already established in Cuyahoga. Cuyahoga is on 33,000 protected acres nestled between Cleveland and Akron. Today, the area surrounding it is mainly suburban, but at its peak in the 19th century, the valley had 700 to 800 farms. “One of the park’s goals is preserving that rural farming landscape,” says Jennie Vasarhelyi chief of Interpretation, Education, and Visitor Services. Click HERE to read more!

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