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abundance farm in virginia seeking collaborative farmers

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Keysville, VA
Run by Elli Sparks and Rob Staropoli, Abundance Farm consists of 111 acres in south-central Virginia owned by Elli’s aunt.  Currently, British White cattle graze 40 acres of pasture; a flock of Khaki Campbell ducks follows the cattle to cleanse pastures; a growing herd of American Guinea Hogs eat mast in the 70 acres of woodlands; and a pair of Maremma livestock guard dogs guards the animals. We are in the early stages of building our farm.  Our flocks and herds are small but will grow over time.  We see plenty of room for additional enterprises and would like to invite a collaborating farmers to live in the second farmhouse and create, manage, and profit from enterprises that complement ours.
We are offering the 3-bedroom farmhouse for rent either as a whole or by the bedroom.  With the farmhouse comes free use of the land as long as one follows regenerative agricultural practices and coordinates with us which particular piece of the land is being used and in what fashion.
In regards to enterprises, we value synergy, co-existence, and independence.  As such, enterprises can dovetail with ours (like someone’s laying hens following our cattle or our cattle grazing down cover-crops in someone’s garden,) exist independent of ours (like someone’s laying hens fertilizing their garden beds, with no cover-crop grazing from our cattle,), but not compete with ours (for example, a gaggle of geese grazing on the land is out of the picture because the pasture-eating geese compete with our cattle.)
We can market and sell together or separately and will decide that on a case by case basis.
We will barter time, tools, talent, and product.  We have tools, equipment, and vehicles available for use.  We can barter animal sitting from time to time and will help with big projects or busy times if it works in our schedule. We hope to benefit from the same in return.
If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please send an email of introduction to
Thank you,
Elli Sparks and Rob Staropoli

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