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new connecticut farmers annual meeting and hootenanny: friday feb. 20th

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The New CT Farmer Alliance (NCTFA) is hosting their 2nd Annual Meeting and Hootenanny at The Dirt Salon in Hartford, CT. The gathering will be held on Friday, February 20, from 5-10 p.m. to provide farmers with engaging opportunities to network with others who farm throughout the state.

There is no cost or membership required to attend and farmers of all ages and specialties are welcome to join. Attendees will be able to connect with other farmers in their region in a fun atmosphere full of live music, local food and craft beer, raffles, and other lively activities.

The meeting is part of NCTFA’s mission to host a social event each year in order to grow their membership and meet new farmers, as well as to celebrate the farming community’s achievements in the past year. There will be a portion of the meeting designated to reflecting on the past growing season, in addition to highlighting what will come in 2015.  The aim of NCTFA is to support the next generation of growers, specifically those who are small in scale, first generation farmers, new or beginning farmers, market direct-to-consumer and use sustainable growing practices.

To learn more about the Annual Meeting and Hootenanny or the work of NCTFA, visit

About the New CT Farmer Alliance

NCTFA is a farmer-led and farmer-driven group that works to support the next generation of growers in our state. The organization formed in 2010 and is led by a steering committee of full-time and part-time farmers.  NCTFA is an affiliate of the National Young Farmers Coalition and is fiscally sponsored by the Connecticut Farmland Trust.  

Contact: Morgan Osborn, NCTFA Coordinator.

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