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tater tats: temporary vegetable tattoos!

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Get Pumped for Vegetables! Tater Tats are temporary vegetable tattoos. They are a really fun way to get kids and adults excited about seasonal, healthy eating and need your help to fund the first round of manufacturing. We want to sell them in stores, farmer’s markets and where-ever food lovers shop. We need $2000 to produce the first round of tattoos and have lots of great rewards to help us reach our goal.  You can get some Tater Tats for as little as $5.

We give back 10% of profits to the farmers and food projects that inspire us. We also want to sell wholesale to farms, markets and other positive impact food organizations to help them raise funds by selling these seasonal tats to their customers.  Our giveback money for items purchased through this kickstarter will be split between Groundswell Farm and Full Hollow Farm.  We hope these funds will give the farms a little bonus money for seeds, equipment or marketing, helping to expand the reach of healthy sustainable farming. Support tater tats on Kickstarter! 

One thought on “tater tats: temporary vegetable tattoos!

  1. I wish I could give you more than moral support. I love your idea. Best of luck! If you do get these produced, I can at least try to help you get into a few Farmers Markets in CT.

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