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this fermentation girl rocks

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If you find yourself wandering near Whale Creek, in an industrial stretch of Long Island City, Queens, and you come across a dilapidated 1986 International Harvester school bus emitting a faint smell of decay, no need to call the authorities.

It’s the 40-foot mobile office of Tara Whitsitt, 29, a nomadic evangelist for fermented foods who is camping out in Queens for the winter.

A soft-spoken Texas native who refers to her cross-country travels as Fermentation on Wheels, Ms. Whitsitt has spent the past 18 months motoring around the United States in the bus, a former Michigan State Police vehicle outfitted with a kitchen and a wood stove and laden with five-gallon jugs of mint-lemon balm wine, jars of radish-turmeric sauerkraut and plenty of sourdough starter. Ms. Whitsitt earns a living largely by holding workshops in which she teaches old-fashioned methods of food preservation. Click HERE to read more about this fermentation rock star!

One thought on “this fermentation girl rocks

  1. Love that she’s doing this. Thanks for posting!

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