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help scott and aubrey’s kickstarter: horse-powered farm in marathon, ny

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HOXIE GORGE FARM is a diversified farm* in upstate NY powered by draft horses and mules**, and young farmers.

We (Aubrey Schatz and Scott Hoffman) have been farming for a combined 8 seasons on a number of farms across the Northeast. We have found diversified, small-scale farming to be an incredibly rewarding lifestyle and are ready to start our own operation.

Scott is a former apprentice at the Northland Sheep Dairy in Marathon, NY, where owners Maryrose Livingston and Donn Hewes have run a 100% grass-fed sheep dairy and have trained horses and mules for farmwork for the last 15 years. They have been looking for a young couple to start a partner operation on their land, and we happen to fit their bill.

Our operation will have several aspects: Draft-powered vegetables, grains and beans; a small raw cow’s milk dairy; and pasture- and woods- raised pigs, goats and chickens for meat and eggs (goat and pig eggs are difficult to come by so we are going to stick to chicken eggs).

We plan to sell all of our produce on-farm and to local markets. We believe strongly in the value of feeding your immediate community good, responsibly produced food.

Continue reading and support their project HERE!!

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