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support peasant farmers in Bangladesh

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A worthy cause, and it doesn’t take much to chip in. 15 days left in this crowdfunding campaign.


Blankets for Farmers

To buy blankets for farmers in Bengladesh affected by climate change
A blanket can save and give comfort to one life

Bangladesh, a South Asian densely populated country with the number of 160 million is seriously affected by global climate change. Amidst multi-faceted impacts of climate change on Bangladesh, the change in season circle is one of those which result in untimely chilly cold, whereby almost every year the people living in the north and south are bitterly hit.  Last consecutive two years elderly and children in the north died due to so cold which they were not used to, meaning the intensity of cold is higher than the cold people are known to for years. Last year the temperature went down below 2 degree Celsius in one point in the country which is the record of the history in memory. The temperature in the places where people started to die, went to below 6 degree Celsius.  The year before 8 people in the northern part of Bangladesh died as they were not prepared with the sufficient warm cloths which they need to cope with such a chilly cold.  

Normally Bangladesh faces cold in the winter season. People know when it starts and ends. However, nowadays it is difficult to guess as there is indiscipline in season’s circle. Sometimes, the winter starts earlier and sometimes late. This year it started earlier with tolerable cold spell but last three days it has gone beyond tolerance. It has given rise to the concern of poor people, especially female and children who cannot afford adequate warm cloths. Today the whole country was covered with foggy weather event which is unusual. The low temperature rate was 10 degree Celsius.  Great concern is expressed from different quarters through press media that the temperature would go down and poor people would face irregularities and causalities in their daily lives.

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