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are you joining the beyond the farm bill conversation?

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via The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.  And visit Beyond the Farm

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Register for the National Network meeting and help build food and ag policies that work.

March 24–25, 2014
The Marquette Hotel, Minneapolis

Next month, innovative experts and organizations will come together for a two day, collaborative meeting to build the “blueprint” for food and agriculture policies that are fair, healthy, and sustainable on all levels. This is the beginning of moving “beyond” the current policy debates that, too often, leave important parts of our community and environment behind. Focusing on building the relationships, frameworks, and strategies necessary for linking the grassroots to policy, this meeting needs your voice to be a success.

So far, the following groups will be joining the National Network Meeting:

· Center for Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Law School

· Center for Rural Affairs

· Food First

· Food and Water Watch

· Green Lands, Blue Waters

· John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

· The Land Institute

· Main Street Project

· National Network of Forest Practitioners

· National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition


· Slow Food USA

· Sustainable Economies Law Center

· Sustainable Farming Association

· The Union of Concerned Scientists

· The US Conference of Mayors Food Policy Task Force

And more groups have been invited to participate in this great meeting – you can see a complete list of who has been invited here:

To register your attendance, please visit:

Due to limited available space, this meeting is invitation only and we ask that you do not forward this invitation. If there are groups or individuals you think would like to join the Beyond the Farm Bill conversation, let us know and we’ll find a way to get them involved. This meeting is the beginning of “Beyond” and there will be opportunities for all who are interested to be involved.

For questions and suggestions, please contact IATP’s Director of Food Systems Pete Huff at or (612) 870-3422.

Following the meeting, we will build the Beyond the Farm Bill momentum by creating the opportunity for groups to continue to work together in a focused, strategic way. Building on the March meeting conversations and relationships between “non-typical” experts and organizations, this “next step” work will refine/expand the focus of principles and identify the specific policies needed to build advocacy for food system change on all levels.


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