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a note from GMO free new york

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Greetings to all Endorsers of the NY GE Food Labeling Campaign!

If you’re here in NY with me, I hope you’re all surviving the Arctic tundra we’ve seemingly turned into. More snow predicted for NYC Wed night! 😦
[I apologize for not emailing each of you individually — there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and this message is too urgent. I also apologize in advance if you’re already been asked to take this action by someone else in the NY GE Food Labeling Campaign or if you wind up with another email from me because you’re in my MailChimp database.]
The time has come for me to cash in my goodwill chips. We need EVERYONE to send out an action alert ASAP for New Yorkers to contact their district legislators (we don’t want calls/emails coming from non-constituents and out-of-staters). Bill A.3525 (Rosenthal)/S.3835 (LaValle) is likely coming up for its first committee vote in the Assembly at the end of this month. Not coincidentally, yesterday the New York Farm Bureau launched its attack on the bill with its own action alert targeting the 30,000+ farmers in its membership. (You can read the misinformation-filled letter here:


If you’re an organization that has access to that wonderful software that lets you target your members by state/zip code and send an email directly to their legislators at the click of a button, please, please deploy it for this purpose. And please share your action alert on all of your organization’s social media outlets as well. We need social media saturation.

If you’re a grassroots organization like GMO Free NY or a business or individual with a Facebook group or page, a Twitter feed, a blog, a website, (an Instagram account? I’m too old to use Instagram so please ignore this suggestion if it’s not an appropriate!), please either share the action alert I’ve already posted (link below) or craft your own. Either route is fine as long as we all get to the same place — with phone calls and emails coming in to all of our state Assemblymembers and Senators PRONTO.

Here’s a link to the action alert I posted on the GMO Free NY Facebook page today:

And here’s what I tweeted:
URGENT #GMO ACTION ALERT 4 NY! Contact your legislators in support of bill A.3525/S.3835!  #labelgmos RT!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you want my help in making this happen.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We have a real shot at making GMO Labeling the law of the Empire State but we need all hands on deck!

Stacie Orell
Campaign Director, GMO Free NY

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