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One thought on “news on glyphosates

  1. I’m no fan of Monsanto, nor glyphosate. But as a scientist, I have to agree with Monsanto’s analysis of this situation – this paper is a bunch of BS. Entropy is not a reputable journal, and the two authors have zero credentials in this field.

    If we, as progressives, are going to rely on science to make our case, we have to be consistent. We can’t use science when it’s convenient and toss it aside when it isn’t. We can’t lower our standards when it suits our agenda. There may well be problems with glyphosate, but if so, let them be published in a real academic journal by qualified authors. (although it’s generally known that the more serious concerns are not with glyphosate itself, but rather with the surfactants and other “inert ingredients” that together make up the chemical spray.)

    HuffPo said it best:

    “There’s real danger in bad science like this. Industrial agriculture has created a lot of environmental problems. We have to find ways to reform our food system, but shoddy research only helps Monsanto. If we base our objections on papers like this one, we won’t — and we shouldn’t — be taken seriously.”

    (Also, check the title of this post – it’s glyphosate, not glyphosphates. . . )

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