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micro finance in michigan

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from the Utopia Fund.  Microcredit in Leelanau County, MI


The Utopia Foundation is committed to creating sustainable change through domestic and international microloan programs. Microcredit provides small loans to people that may not qualify for funding through conventional banking systems. This financial resource allows an individual to begin, or build the capacity of a microenterprise, thus leading to economic sustainability and independence. Such strategic ventures enable Utopia to undertake projects that are significant in scope and have lasting effects on the individuals involved and their communities at large.

At present Utopia Foundation is working on international microloans with Kickstart based in Kenya. Both organizations have similar goals to lift people put of poverty through effective, self sustaining programs that ensure that individuals are empowered.

Utopia Foundation also supports domestic microenterprise. We are partnering with the Northwest MI Farm and Food 20/20 Fund to support undercapitalized local farmers with matched individual development accounts and business guidance.

Past microloan successes include group microloans in rural Guatemala and Leelanau County, MI. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with UF on microenterprise.

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