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boone, the film


booneBoone documents the journey of three young farmers in Southern Oregon risking land, business and friendship to confront the United States Department of Agriculture.

This is an experiential film: there are no interviews with farmers or agricultural experts.  The goal is the experience; dealing with the realities of a season of farming and the physical and emotional grit born of self-reliance.

Filmed over two years, Boone is a sensual homage to the liberation inherent in self-discipline and risk. Watch the trailer HERE.

3 thoughts on “boone, the film

  1. when can we expect to see this film? i’m looking forward to it

  2. Hey Greenhorns!
    Thanks for posting our trailer for Boone. We will be launching our Kickstarter in April, would love to contact you then in hopes of reaching the widest audience possible with our film.

    Thanks again,
    Chris and Kat

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