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siena farms seeks apprentices

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Sudbury, MA.

We are seeking reliable, hardworking, and dedicated individuals motivated by a strong interest in sustainable agriculture to join our 2013 apprentice team. As an ambitious and innovative farm operation that has grown over seven years to include a four-season CSA and year-round farm store, Siena Farms offers a unique learning environment. Apprentices will participate broadly in the farm’s daily operations, including production, harvest, and marketing, and will work closely with the management team. Training will be both formal and informal, and apprentices will gain extensive hands-on experience. Those with demonstrated aptitude for a particular aspect of our operation will be encouraged to take on responsibility in that area, with the potential to return for additional seasons.

Full description and additional information available at

One thought on “siena farms seeks apprentices


    May the fleet of irresistible small farmers ride wind-at-their-backs forever.

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