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calling all vermonters

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Your tiny state is about to take on the wrath of monsanto. GMO-nutrition-facts
Courage! Solidarity! Get out the vote!

Rural Vermont – ACTION ALERT & Legislative Update
Now is the time for Citizen Action on Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods
PLEASE JOIN US AT A GRASSROOTS ACTION FORUM!  Montpelier tonight, Burlington and Middlebury tomorrow.

With one week to go before the Legislature takes its annual break for Town Meeting Week, momentum is building for H.112, the bill which will require that genetically engineered food sold in Vermont be labeled.

The House Agriculture Committee has once again taken hours of testimony from a wide variety of witnesses and the Committee’s Chair, Rep. Carolyn Partridge, has indicated that the Committee will vote on the bill by the end of this week.

For those of you who have been following this issue, this is almost two months ahead of where we were with last year’s bill. We need to fuel that momentum …

Strong grassroots pressure from voters, talking to their elected representatives about why Vermonters need to have GE food labeled, is what it is going to take to push this bill through the rest of the legislative process.

Please join Rural Vermont, the other members of the VT Right To Know GMOs coalition (NOFA-VT, VPIRG, Cedar Circle Farm) as well as our forum co-sponsors (VT’s local Food Co-ops) and statewide co-sponsor Ben & Jerry’s at a Grassroots Action Forum near you this week. You’ll get all the information and support you need to become part of our statewide grassroots push during Town Meeting Week and beyond.


One thought on “calling all vermonters

  1. Let’s hope Vermont and Washington State can both set precedents with this! I will be watching this closely from the other side of the continent. Thank you for working toward food freedom!

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