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Invitation:  Extended Winter Work Party in February and Marchscaled_e1359147305
We are looking forward to an exciting extended work party in the months of February and March to move forward several key projects at Quail Springs!
Seeking Volunteers
Come join the Quail Springs crew for a few days to several weeks for lots of fun, hard work and yummy meals and company!
When: February and March
How long: a few days to several weeks
Where:  Quail Springs in the Cuyama Valley, about 1 hour north of Ojai, near Ventucopa, in the high desert mountains

You would need to have a general interest in and ability to work mostly outside, and to tent camp or to bring your own camper.
We will offer yummy meals, good company, and the satisfaction of contributing to a great mission and permaculture vision.
Activities include: digging, planting trees, other farm work, small construction, moderate to heavy lifting, demolition, fencing, irrigation, cooking, cleaning
Specialized skill sets we’re seeking, with potential for barter or hire:  carpentry, electric, plumbing
Please contact us with volunteer interest: 

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