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NY rural skills workshops

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Via the Sustainable Living Project.
Full workshop descriptions available HERE. medieval

Local Living Festival  — KICK-OFF Planning Gathering
Master Gardener Volunteer Information Session
St. Lawrence University’s Sustainability Semester Informational Meeting
Poultry Production – Profiting from Layers, Broilers, Turkeys and Ducks (Webinar)
Beginner Maple School &  Winter Maple School
Wood Splitting for Women
Empire State Producers Expo – Focus on Skills for New Farmers
Nutritious Delicious (& Cheap!) Cooking Seminar —
Grains and Beans: Cooking Low on the Food Chain
Bees & Beekeeping Discussion Group
Logging With Oxen
Home Tour:  Rocket Stove Mass Heater, Innovative Heating Option
Franklin County’s First Annual Maple School
Basics of Organic Seed Production – Free Online Tutorial
GardenShare Shows Bee Movie at Canton Winterfest
Chainsaw Class-Sponsored by New York Forest Owners Association Northern Adirondack Chapter

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