the irresistible fleet of bicycles

a reminder: wonderful new organization, making big strides

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A Growing Culture

Had a lovely time with co-founders at the Quivera Conference in Albuquerque.
What fun! What good hearts!
Check them out.
A Growing Culture seeks to empower the sustainable agriculture movement by highlighting traditional and alternative farm practices used throughout the world.  We believe that ecologically based agricultural systems are the key to a prosperous future where farming moves beyond mono-crop, fence-row agriculture to a more diverse style of practice that blends production with nature. Farming is not just a formula; it is a feeling and an art. A culmination of intellect and sweat, science and tradition, respect and determination.  By creating this online community a dialogue is initiated and information becomes accessible. We hope these styles and systems will be used and advanced while broadening our understanding of what it means to farm.

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