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seeking central maine grain growers

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A note from the folks at the Somerset Grist Mill.
Dear Interested Grain Growers and Land Owners,
As you may know, Maine Grains at the Somerset Grist Mill in downtown Skowhegan has just launched operations, processing Maine-grown grains for human consumption.  Maine Organic Milling in Auburn is another exciting project that processes livestock feed grain and operators there have turned their attention to trying to find more Maine growers to supply their grain needs.
There has been much talk over the last several years about better utilizing fallow land in central Maine for grain production.  As a result, I am interested in compiling some information about how much fallow or underutilized acreage exists in central Maine, and what has been grown on that land over the last 10-15 years. (If you are receiving this email, and are NOT from central Maine, please disregard).  Having this information will help to better identify a strategy for cooperatively sharing/purchasing equipment, or engaging a contract farmer to cultivate grain on available land.
If applicable, please reply with your: 
# of acres, and crops grown on the last 10-15 years
Best way to contact you
Thanks so much, 
Amber Lambke
Somerset Grist Mill
Skowhegan, Maine

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