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farmland investing, a growing sector

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Where are there benefits for young farmers? How do these schemes impact the matrix of farmland ownership?

How does it compare with the land-grabs and speculative investment that we have seen in Africa ?
Are there other ways for investment to benefit the future of agriculture?
We are interested in your big ideas  Here is  a program in Oregon that allows investors to buy conventional ag land, convert it to organic ag land, and then it is managed for sheep and beef grazing.
Know of other examples? Let us know, we are compiling our index of these projects.
Thanks! Severine

One thought on “farmland investing, a growing sector

  1. Severine. good to see you start this thread, gather feedback. I forgot to mention, we have 130 acres and a farm village development concept in Valatie on the books. Want to intro you to landowner Tim Holk. You forgot to mention Kickstarter in the above. Great data you gave me on 1/3 all projects food related. Also, Slow Money no mention, good bad or ugly. Here’s the projects Slow Money NYC is working on:

    Full list of Slow Money projects on clearbon:

    checked out MakerFaire, would love to catch up with your man. Have him call me if he’s into it, or send phone number: 518.392.0952 . Leland

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