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rural wealth creation

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an interesting concept…

Creating Rural Wealth

For too long, the resources and assets of rural communities – their natural resources, agricultural bounty, workers, and young people – have flowed out of rural areas. Low-wealth areas, in particular, have struggled to create wealth that stays local. Rural America needs a new way forward.

The wealth creation approach aims to articulate a simple framework for that new way forward. In doing so, it builds on the efforts of countless others, hoping to weave collective insights into a new whole. It’s a systems approach to rural wealth creation, linking together the whole system of assets, producers, and consumers in ways that benefit everyone – and that build rural wealth. This systems approach involves:

  • Moving from the parts to the whole.
  • Emphasizing investment for long-term gain.
  • Understanding the difference between wealth and income.
  • Collaborating for mutual benefit.

there’s lots of interesting information on the website –

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