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goat spit schedule of events!


hey party people, we’re ready to rock out with you tomorrow at the goat spit summertime throwdown!  The goats are on ice, and so’s the beer.  The vegetables are on their way to Brooklyn along with volunteers from near and far, and we’re making lots of mayonnaise!  These crates of spring onions and lettuce from Blooming Hill Farm will be transformed into ingredients for your sandwiches tomorrow:

produce for the throwdown from blooming hill farm

The day is jam-packed and we know you’re curious, so we’re offering up the schedule of events that our team is working with.  In between and all around this list will be ongoing music, dancing, eating, drinking, workshopping, networking and friend-making!  Cross your fingers and do a little dance for sunshine and cool breezes.  Check out the menu and the auction again if you need to be tempted.  we’ve got new items for you to bid on!  Including gift certificates to Savoy & Back Forty!

Greenhorns Goat Spit Summertime Throwdown Schedule!

2:00pm-Party starts!

2:00-3:00-DJs start rockin’
Location: pharmacy

2:00-4:00-Truck Farm! with Ian Cheney
Location: Sidewalk

3:00-3:30pm-Read Nex Poetry Squad performs
Location: pharmacy

3:30-8:00pm-DJs resume!
Location: pharmacy

4:00-4:30pm- Workshop: Window Farms
Location: Rooftop

4:00-6:00- Greenhorns Auction!
Location: pharmacy

4:30-5:00-HUFF THIS! guitar & songs
Location: sidewalk

5:00-5:30pm- Workshop: Demo by Anarchy Apiaries
Location: rooftop

6:00pm-6:30pm -Band of Bicycles
Location: Sidewalk

6:00-6:30pm-Workshop: Rooftop Garden Demo
Location: rooftop

6:45-7:00pm- Punk Yeoman Pep talk #1
Location: pharmacy

7:00-7:30pm –Reverend Billy Performs
Location: Sidewalk

7:30-8:00pm-Brass & Percussion Band
Location: Sidewalk

8:00-9:00pm-Film screenings – $5
Location: Rooftop

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