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Save the Date + Goat Spit!

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Greenhorns! Greenhorn Fans!

Join us for a Goat Spit, Sandwich, Salad & Beer Summertime Throwdown… to benefit the Greenhorns!  June 20th, 2-9pm  in Brooklyn at the Corner of Sackett & Henry. More information, graphics, & tempting menus coming very very soon.  (think spit- roasted, pastured goat meat sandwiches, artisanal cheese, funky brews, etc)

In the meantime, we thought you might want to check out the brilliant bicycle powered, recycled metal Goat Spit that has been designed and built by Charles Weiss, just for this event!  There are photos of every step of the process on Charles’ website,

Watch an old drum and a worn out bike……


Be transformed into a bike-powered goat-roasting machine!


And then show up on the 20th and party with us.

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