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Greenhorns Radio

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Want more Greenhorns news in your life?  Check out the Greenhorns radio show online via the Heritage Radio Network.  Each show is archived and worth a listen.

This week Severine interviewed Kevin Skvorak of Regeneration CSA in High Falls, NY. Regeneration CSA is a community supported farm growing with permaculture based, no-till systems that use no chemicals and regenerate our soils.


Last Week, she spoke with Jacob Cowgill, innovative dryland vegetable grower and new farm owner.  Jacob also has a rather rad new blog:

The Heritage Radio Network is a cutting edge internet-based radio station designed to protect and advance our country’s rich cultural roots in the form of interviews, reflections, musings and ramblings from America’s leading farmers, food mavericks, filmmakers, artists and tastemakers. The live radio shows are then uploaded onto where content is archived into audio bits and pieces and searchable by keywords or phrases. This is an unprecedented venue for future historians who want to research their past, our present.

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