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A Green Fashion Show & A Greenhorns Bake Sale!

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What’s not to love?

Ok you NYC peoples, here’s the haps…

farmGreenhorns is organizing a Young Farmer Bake Sale– at an Organic Fashion Show, during fashion week in New York City.

Its cold here on the east coast, its slippy and slushy and drippy. But in the church basement we’ll be doing a little educational celebrational installational press-event…with walnut butter cookies and sticky-middled meringues!

(hopefully there will be some check-books in attendance.)

Attending Young farmers:

What else, you ask?

Materials from San Francisco Victory Garden Project.

Brooke Budner (indefatigueable greenhorns illustratrix) has prepared the signage.

Yummy Ingredients:
Walnuts donated by Sierra Orchards
Eggs lain by young chickens from Sean Stanton, Blue Hill Farm
Butter from Organic valley

The young farmers will be there as champion communicators about our ferocity and velocity.
About our surging and our struggle to remain viable as small farmers, small business people, and small agents of big change in America.

Its an opportunity for us to communicate about CSAs, Grassfed dairy, and organic seeds to the ‘power mummies’ of America, via the fashionista matrix.

anyway. its going to be sugar high.

looking forward .. see you there?

Read on for fashion show details…

Monday February 16th, 2009

11AM – 1PM

Men’s and Women’s

128 West 37th Street
New York City

press info:

(518) 431 3571 x11

RSVP if you’d like to volunteer or attend:

if you are part of the press, you are allowed to just come without RSVPing.

Check out eco-elf/designer john patrick


Organic is relevant. Cotton is Monsanto territory…and fashion is the frontlines for transgenic monoculture

John Patrick is active in Peru, working to strengthen the organic wool and cotton industries.
This is the frontline of GMOs–and this very week legislation is being prepared that would allow Monsanto into the country. Fashion may be fluffy, but textiles and cotton farming are dark dark.

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