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greenhorn’s rabbit roast + encampment september 13/14

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A few “seats” are still available at this lovely event in the Hudson Valley for young farmers! Call 845.758.3468 right this minute to reserve your spot:

A young farmer sleepover with workshops, bonfire, picnic- potluck with roasted rabbits, pork sausages, vegetarian yum yums and ice cream.

Glynwood Center, Cold Spring NYan educational farm and non-profit advocacy institute working on land conservation and local food issues. (1 hour north of Manhattan on Metro North)

The Glynwood Center is a working organic farm and conference center set in the middle of 2,000 acres of preserved forest glory. Their work revolves around helping communities preserve land and a strong agricultural economy. The site is stupendously beautiful with goats, chickens, orchards, rare cows and sheep, and an ancient orchard.

Workshops include:
sam comfort of anarchy apiaries, Top bar hive construction
dave Llewellyn- horse-drawn tillage, thermo greenhouse demos
tom mylan- meat curing workshop
erin bullock – fermentation workshop
alexandra sarkozy – spinning and silk worms
severine fleming- basic plant propagation and seed balls
mikel maron – serve your country food
alan webber- food+farming films, horror films
millions of glow bugs

1. Call 845.758.3468 right now to reserve your spot!
2. Cost is sliding scale, 35-75 dollars.

Send checks to:
The greenhorns
PO Box 87
Red Hook NY 12571

OR visit our new Paypal portal, to be posted shortly at

Please include your name, email, telephone contact, and mode of transport along with your check or in a comment with your Paypal payment.

Getting there:
The Glynwood Farm is easily accessible from the Cold Springs stop on Metro-north Hudson line.Schedule and fairs for the day of the rabbit roast can be found at

About us:

This is a camping event- please bring the necessary gear. Again, details to follow.

You can download the Rabbit Roast invite here if you want to tell your friends about it. See you soon!

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