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fundraise with local food, not candy bars!


A FarmRaiser is a powerful and innovative way to raise money for your project while helping to build a stronger, healthier community. We use technology and old fashioned organizing to create product-based fundraisers that allow students to sell healthy products from local businesses.

These programs are currently in Michigan and Washington State. If you are a farmer and interested in learning more about this program, visit HERE. If you are a student or teacher and looking to find out more, click HERE.


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seeking greenhorn to table at small farms conference

Hello upper midwest/Michigander Greenhorns,

We are attending the Northern Michigan Small Farms Conference on February 1st, which should be a blast! We need a steadfast Greenhorn to man the table for us. Full tabling kit mailed to you, and we will pay your conference fee.

 Email if willing and able.

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michigonian opportunity

Calling all farm interns, apprentices, students of agriculture!
Ever wish you had an opportunity which would fill the gap between coursework and internships and the experience of independently owning a farm? The Institute for Sustainable Living, Art & Natural Design is forming a farmer residency program which gives journeyman farmers access to the technical, managerial, and practical experience necessary to operate and own an independent farm. Continue reading

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allied media conference

AMC2013: Media Strategies for a More Just & Creative World

JUNE 20 – JUNE 23, 2013 • DETROIT, MI
The Allied Media Conference is a laboratory for creativity and media-based solutions. Held every summer in Detroit, the AMC unites the worlds of media and communications, technology, education and social justice. From this unique intersection, some of the most innovative community organizing models emerge each year. Each conference builds off the previous one and plants the seeds for the next. Ideas and relationships evolve year-round. This is a conference that works for people at all levels in an organization or campaign. Everyone learns new information and new ways to teach. So start organizing your community to get to the AMC. We are ready to create, connect and transform.


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micro finance in michigan

from the Utopia Fund.  Microcredit in Leelanau County, MI


The Utopia Foundation is committed to creating sustainable change through domestic and international microloan programs. Microcredit provides small loans to people that may not qualify for funding through conventional banking systems. This financial resource allows an individual to begin, or build the capacity of a microenterprise, thus leading to economic sustainability and independence. Such strategic ventures enable Utopia to undertake projects that are significant in scope and have lasting effects on the individuals involved and their communities at large.

At present Utopia Foundation is working on international microloans with Kickstart based in Kenya. Both organizations have similar goals to lift people put of poverty through effective, self sustaining programs that ensure that individuals are empowered.

Utopia Foundation also supports domestic microenterprise. We are partnering with the Northwest MI Farm and Food 20/20 Fund to support undercapitalized local farmers with matched individual development accounts and business guidance.

Past microloan successes include group microloans in rural Guatemala and Leelanau County, MI. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with UF on microenterprise.

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a mobile processing kitchen!


ISLAND (Institute for Sustainable Living, Art & Natural Design) is creating an enclosed trailer that unpacks into a high-efficiency, three-season food preservation kitchen and workshop space. This is a lightweight trailer that can be pulled onto small farms at the peak of produce ripeness. From the trailer we unload tents, tables and outdoor stoves. The remaining interior contains equipment, sinks and workspace that can host up to a dozen people. The Oryana Community Grant would provide needed funds for equipment purchase and trailer modifications. Continue reading

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great program in michigan, supporting immigrant farmers

immigrantIn the Midwest, where the immigrant population has soared in recent years, Latino farmers are breaking through cultural and language barriers to operate their own farms. A new US government project is also supporting their efforts. Reporter Anna Boiko-Weyrauch reports on two immigrant farmers’ journeys.

read + listen to learn more:

brought to you by PRI’s

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anyone can farm

A worth indiegogo campaign: Anyone Can Farm from Bakers Green Acres


The goal of Anyone Can Farm is to provide knowledge and training in fundamental areas of farming such as: raising and processing poultry & livestock, soil management, gardening & seed harvesting, and traditional or diversified farm/ecosystem managment. We wish to someday have an Anyone Can Farm educational center in every state in America.

We are in need of some funding to get Anyone Can Farm off the ground and we know our American population will come together to make this necessary dream a reality.

Read more about the project, and watch the video, HERE

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re-imagine, detriot

Save the date: July 2 – 14, 2012
DETROIT 2012: Re-Imagine the World, Transform Ourselves & Fight for the Future…

The old economy is failing. A new economy is sprouting like shoots after a forest fire. This transition to new ways of understanding and organizing work is as significant as the shift from hunting and gathering to agriculture 11,000 years ago and from agriculture to industry a few hundred years ago. Continue reading

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land grant, this saturday & sunday!

There have been some updates to the schedule, see below.

20 & 21 april 2012
@ broad art museum, michigan state universtiy
the land grant: join us for the launch of the land grant, a new residency program by the broad art musuem for artists working around the topics of land use, food, and urban development with a focus on sustainability. Continue reading

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farmers market manager, MI

Ann Arbor Farmers Market Manager
City of Ann Arbor
$38,082 – $48,793 (DOE)

Role Summary: The Market Manager shall be responsible for management, coordination and supervision of the day-today activities of the Ann Arbor Public Market, including general maintenance of the Market facility and enforcement of the provision of Chapter 31 of City Code, the Public Market Operating rules and regulations and other provisions of the City Code pertaining to the operation of the Market Continue reading

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northern michigan land opportunity

This comes to us by way of Ben Brown, a farmer who reports a positive personal experience with this land conservancy.  A wonderful opportunity for a history-loving greenhorn!  Download the full description of the opportunity HERE
The Leelanau Conservancy owns and manages part of the DeYoung Natural Area as a working farm. Located roughly 5 miles north of Traverse City in Elmwood Township along Cherrybend Road, the farm has been in our ownership since 2005.

The Conservancy has multiple goals in protecting the DeYoung Farm. Among these goals are:
1. Protection of natural features and restoration of native ecosystems, including the stream corridor; Continue reading

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farming opportunity – michigan

Organic Farm Caretaker / Grower
Starting December 2011

Connemara Farm in northeast lower Michigan is currently seeking an individual or couple to care take and/or manage a variety of sustainable agricultural endeavors on their farm, including: organic vegetables and poultry, orchard crops, and permaculture gardens. Continue reading

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michigan farmer training program

Organic Farmer Training Program
Michigan State University Student Organic Farm

Now accepting applications for 2011 Cohort!

The Organic Farmer Training Program offers nine months of intensive instruction in year-round organic farming.  The program focuses on diversified production of vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs for local markets.  Students manage all aspects of a 10-acre certified organic farm, including passive solar greenhouses used for year-round production in cold climates.  Continue reading


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