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two hour special on young farmers

from KWMR in partnership with the Post Carbon Institute.
KWMR 2-Hour Special: Leaders of the Young Agrarian Movement Facing the Future
Monday, Nov. 10th – 12pm to 2pm (Pacific Time)

A collaboration between the Farm and Foodshed Report (Robin Carpenter- Host) and Post Carbon Radio (Bing Gong & Karen Nyhus – Co-hosts) featuring:
Severine von Tscharner Fleming - Director of Greenhorns: Young Farmers’ Movement and Agrarian Trust
Evan Wiig - Founder and Director of the Farmers’ Guild
Arron Wilder – Farmer, Table Top Farm, soil scientist, organizer of upcoming January 11th – Young Farmers’ Forum on Succession and Success Stories: The Future of Ranching and Farming in Marin
Molly Myerson – young Bolinas farmer, Little Wing Farm
Mickey Murch – young Bolinas farmer, Gospel Flat Farm & artist

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join rogue farm corps

New Farmers Needed. Be one in a million— Join Rogue Farm Corps in 2015!
Applications are now open for positions throughout Oregon.

FarmsNext is an entire season of hands-on training and skill-based education in sustainable agriculture for aspiring farmers and ranchers. This immersive on-farm experience combines field training with a mentor farmer, classroom learning with agricultural professionals and expert farmers, tours of local farms, and opportunities for farm-based independent study. Positions available on a diverse network of commercial family farms in four communities across Oregon. No experience necessary to apply. More info here.

FarmsNOW is a two-year advanced training program designed for the student who has a solid foundation of farm experience, and the goal of managing a farm operation. This program will propel beginning/intermediate farmers to the next level of planning, designing and running integrated farming systems. FarmsNOW is for those seeking mastery in the art and business of farming. Candidates must have two years, or equivalent, of vegetable production experience. More info here.

Rogue Farm Corps trains the next generation of farmers and ranchers through hands-on educational programs. Our host farms are located in four clusters around Oregon: the Rogue Valley, the Portland Metro Area, the South Willamette Valley, and Central Oregon.

For complete program descriptions, information on our host farms, and applications, visit our website:

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big data concedes: farmers should own their own data

corniculture(Photo courtesy of Pete Walton, taken at the National FFA Conference)

From NPR: Top agribusiness companies, including Monsanto, DuPont, John Deere and Dow, have moved into the information business, offering to help farmers collect that data and analyze it — for a price.

But some farmers are starting to worry about how that data will be used; whether, for instance, details of their operations will be open for all to see. Others wonder how the data companies will exploit their new-found ability to monitor what’s happening on vast tracts of farmland.

Those concerns led to the new “Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data,” which were released this week. Click HERE to read more about this issue reported by NPR.

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principle: turn the tables

Sometimes the most compelling way to expose an injustice is to flip it around and visit it upon the powerful.

Remember the great scene from “Erin Brockovich” where the hero brings a glass of contaminated water to a meeting with the companies her clients have accused of contaminating their drinking water. “You claim this water is perfectly safe to drink?” she says. “Okay, drink this,” and she places the glass of water before them. When they refuse, the injustice of the situation is laid bare for all to see. She has “turned the tables.”

People have an innate sense of fairness, but don’t always see the injustices happening around them. By taking an existing unjust situation and dramatically flipping it back upon its source, you can highlight the inherent asymmetry and activate people’s sense of fairness. Turning the tables like this can be an effective means of garnering public support as well as undercutting the moral authority of your target. Click HERE to read more about the principle of turning the tables!

Also, Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for the Revolution, is a fantastic activist resource. Check it out! 

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greenhorns featured on michael olson’s radio show, mentioned on wisconsin public radio!

Lauren Markham, author of  The New Farmers, an article in Orion Magazine, recently spoke on Wisconsin Public Radio about the young farmer movement. Have a listen, she gives the Greenhorns a big ole’ shout-out and boost!

Greenhorns were also recently featured with Lauren Markham on Michael Olsen’s food chain radio show to discuss the future of farming. Click HERE to listen to the show (warning: Greenhorns were often cut off for commercial breaks, resulting in many incomplete thoughts.)



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join greenhorns and uci professor eric freyfogle for drinks and a talk this friday!

Extra! Extra!

Come out this Friday Nov 21st in NYC for a short talk by esteemed author and University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaigne professor of Law Eric Freyfogle, followed by drinks and a discussion of land rights.

Friday November 21st, 6-8 pm
at Jimmy’s 43
43 East 7th Street
Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues
New York, NY

image via

Today, we face an unprecedented demographic consolidation of farmland ownership, with 70% of farmland owned by those 65 and older. An estimated 400 million acres will change hands in the next 20 years, which is just about the size of the Louisiana Purchase. Retiring farmers need to cash out, and entering farmers struggle to cash in, while economists predict massive consolidation in ownership as a result. What are the implications of this moment? What are the political and economic consequences of financialization? And, most importantly, how can we impact the decisions on the ground?

We face this cultural, economic, and environmental dilemma from a landscape perspective, with ownership-regimes at its root.

Join us as Eric Freyfogle, Swanlund Chair at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, helps set the context of our current predicament, and inform our collective work supporting a shift to a new food paradigm. Eric’s books include: The Agrarian Reader, Wilderness Law,  On Private Property: Finding Common Ground on the Ownership of Land (Beacon Press, 2007; paper ed. 2009) and The Land We Share: Private Property and the Common Good (Island Press, 2003; paper ed. 2011), along with two law school casebooks, Natural Resources Law: Private Rights and Collective Governance (Thomson/West, 2007) and Property Law: Power, Governance, and the Common Good (Thompson/West 2012. 

Eric will be joined by North Carolinian board member of Agrarian Trust, Jean Willoughby who directs the Agricultural reinvestment project of RAFI, the Rural Advancement Foundation International, and heads up their new Cooperative Development program for farmer-owned cooperative enterprises.  As well we’ll hear about land reform efforts in NYC with Caroline Woolard, artist and organizer of and She is working on commons based solutions for  affordable housing for artists and low income New Yorkers.  Moderating the session is Severine v T Fleming, founder of Greenhorns, board secretary of Farm Hack, and founding board member of Agrarian Trust.

Hope to see you there!

Read more about the event HERE.


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