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food chain: a new documentary on farm labor conditions

There is more interest in food now than ever before, yet, no one is talking about the people who pick our food, the hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals to whom we are all connected through our purchases at supermarkets, farmers’ markets and restaurants.

Food Chains exposes the abuses rampant in farm labor in the United States and reveals the forces behind that exploitation through the narrative of an intrepid group of tomato pickers in Florida, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, who are battling the 4 trillion dollar global supermarket industry – and winning!

“We need to realize that our entire food system is controlled by a handful of companies. If large supermarket chains wanted to abolish GMO products, for example, they could do so in one swift motion. They have a stranglehold over the entire agribusiness system from farming on down. We need to pressure those retailers to return money to the system. In addition to their power to set prices, they need to set the conditions under which workers toil.”

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fall and winter: a survival guide for the 21st century

This stunning film takes you on a hypnotic journey, reaching to the past to understand the origins of the catastrophic environmental transitions we now face. Over two years, director Matt Anderson traveled 16,000 miles to document firsthand our modern industrial world and the environmental destruction in its wake. In the process, he discovered exciting strategies to help humanity transcend the coming ecological and psychological crisis.

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leviathan: a groundfishing documentary for the senses

Leviathan is a documentary — and yet not a documentary. It’s a near-wordless, almost abstract depiction of an 80-foot groundfishing boat heading out of New Bedford, Mass. The film’s unusual structure and point of view has gotten rave reviews at festivals and from many critics.

Sometimes you don’t know quite what you’re seeing and listening to in Leviathan. You hear metal groaning and rasping, see fish, gloves and tools tossed about on a boat that’s pitching and rolling in a roaring wind. To read more about this documentary review from NPR, click HERE!


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