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activism we admire

This video demonstrates how a community is trying to save their water and wetlands and reduce the impact of an unnecessary freeway. Save Little Lake Valley members are requesting that the California Water Quality Control Board order Caltrans, the Department of Transportation in CA., to cease and desist construction on the Willits Bypass. In March 2014 Caltrans is, and has been, in violation of the Water Board permits that are needed to proceed with construction.

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keep the soil in organic

Dear Community,

Eliot Coleman suggests that we educate ourselves about this issue at the National Organic Program to allow for “soil-less” organics. He is one of  dozens of elders in the farm world who are concerned about this issue.  Read up on the issue and sign the petition here: Keep the Soil in  There is one petition for consumers and another for growers.
In short:
Hydroponic growing is a soil-less system in which all the nutrients are supplied to the plants through an irrigation system. There is no soil involved. It is ingenious, and it works well, which is why virtually all the conventional greenhouse vegetables are grown this way. But it is NOT organic. There is no reliance on the microbial activity of the soil to provide the biological diversity that is the basis of organic growing. The old adage for organic farming has always been, “Feed the soil, not the plant.” Hydroponic growing is based on the opposite belief, “Feed the plant, not the soil.” We are not arguing with whether either system can be effective. Most of the world’s vegetables grown in greenhouses are now grown hydroponically. Only the organic growers are following a different, more difficult path.

The stated NOP standard emphasizes that organic growing is based on caring for the soil, but their refusal to prohibit soil-less growing defies their own standard.

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young farmers: join the nop and hold the usda’s feet to the fire!


The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service’s National Organic Program (NOP) is the team that develops and enforces national standards for organically-produced agricultural products. They support consumer confidence that products with the USDA organic seal meet consistent, uniform standards.

In 2014, the NOP will be recruiting for multiple positions, including: Policy Analysts, Accreditation Managers, and Materials Specialists; Compliance and Enforcement Specialists; Communication, Outreach, Training Specialist; and Program Analysts and Administrative Support. Learn more about the NOP and its upcoming recruiting by clicking on this FLYER.

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do you see land grabbing from your front porch?

Map it!  With Farmland Monitor
Create a Digital Postcard
Add a PDF

You can also alert us to land grabbing activity through one of the following channels and we will post the information on your behalf:

  • Email:
  • Call: (202) 543 – 5675
  • Fax: (202) 543 – 0978
  • Mail: National Family Farm Coalition, 110 Maryland Ave, N.E., Suite 307, Washington, D.C. 20002

The Farmland Monitor Project seeks to leverage small farmer and rural community knowledge by creating a space where folks can map instances of farmland purchases for investment, and the companies and contracts involved. Using this platform, NFFC hopes to elevate the issue of land grabbing and generate concrete data to help us pinpoint where land is being taken out of the hands of family farmers.

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mission to brazil

The Movimento dos Trabalhdores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) will be holding its Sixth Congress in February, 2014 amidst its celebration 6th Congress Bannerof 30 years of struggle for agrarian reform, social justice and democracy. The movement’s 2 million members have spent the last year preparing, debating and discussing in preparation for this historic gathering. Mobilizing 15,000 movement leaders in the capitol Brasilia, the MST will gather to debate and discuss the challenges and next steps in building a more just and equitable Brazil.

The MST is a global leader of social movements of the poor through its leadership in various international movement networks such as Via Campesina International.  In the last 30 years, MST has reclaimed 17 million acres of land, which is equivalent to the size of Uruguay. The MST’s Sixth National Congress is a space for celebration, exchange and learning for movement leaders around the world. Continue reading

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this is what stopping fracking looks like

Daryl Hannah calls for a ban on fracking

On Thursday, MoveOn members joined Americans Against Fracking—and actress and activist Daryl Hannah—at the White House to deliver 650,000 public comments to the Bureau of Land Management demanding a ban on fracking on public and Native American lands. All told, concerned Americans submitted more than 1 million commentsthe largest unified outpouring ever from Americans calling for a change in course on fracking:

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cayuga needs our help



Indiegogo campaign HERE

Family-owned Cayuga Pure Organics, an organic farm near Ithaca NY, has been producing beans and grains for area stores, restaurants and CSAs for the last 7 years. They suffered a devastating loss on May 30th when the structure that housed their cleaning and production facility, and a considerable amount of inventory, was burned to the ground in a fire accidentally started by a minor playing with matches. Continue reading

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save the honeybees

A note from the folks at Greenpeace:

Scientists have linked a powerful class of pesticides called “neonics” to increases in bee die-offs. Due in part to these deadly toxic chemicals, 31% of honeybees_copyhives in the United States collapsed this past winter alone.

Last month millions across Europe spoke up for the bees and pressured the European Union (EU) into imposing a two year ban on neonics, defeating the influential pesticide lobby. If we act together, we can convince the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to do the same.

Help us send 75K comments to the EPA by June 27th to save the bees that pollinate our crops and that visit your backyard.

Tell the EPA today to suspend the use of neonics on crops that bees pollinate.

Viruses, mites and malnutrition can all contribute to the collapse of a hive. But neonics pose a unique threat to bees. These poisons spread into the pollen and nectar of treated plants, slowly accumulating in the hive with each bee’s trip to a contaminated flower.

By allowing toxic chemicals like neonics to weaken and kill bees, we threaten our food and our environment. Continue reading

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gmo rally in augusta, maine


Right To Know GMO: Citizen Lobby Day
Thursday, May 30th
8:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m.
At The Capitol In Augusta
Please come to the State House to help us shore up support for Maine’s landmark legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. Momentum is building as the campaign moves forward. We need your help to continue to exhibit a strong public display of support as this bill comes to a vote in the House and Senate. Continue reading

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