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write-a-house: a fantastic model to mimic out of detroit

Ever heard of an in-residence program where you actually get to keep the residence??! That would be the case in this innovative new model coming out of Detroit.

Write A House accepted applications from working, “low-income” writers earlier this spring, which included writing samples and a letter of intent. Whoever wins (to be announced this month) will call Detroit home for at least the next two years. Writers will lease the homes from the nonprofit, a small amount to cover taxes and insurance. If they stay for 24 months, they’ll be awarded the deed — and Detroit will count another resident to its comeback. To read more about this awesome endeavor, CLICK HERE—>

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farm hack in England!

Practical Farm Ideas
This is our 90th issue, and features another 45 innovations to add the the total 4,200 “Made it Myself” farming ideas since 1992. With a growing readership – 12,000 farmers are currently reading each issue – farmers hang on to each issue as it’s published. Too good to throw away.

    Nuffield tractor still in daily use  Easy way to catch cow for calving 
Grass aerator, Hydraulic tip low loader; Fan cooled gearbox; Easy cow control; Ultra low ground pressure
Practical Farm Ideas has always been in front of the curve – grass aerators in 1992; front mounted equipment like buckrakes, cultivators, presses in 1993; biogas in 2006; cover cropping 2012. 

- See more at:

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farm commons wants to hear from you

Are you a farmer with a good experience drafting a document? Or, have you worked with or helped a farmer through a positive document drafting experience? 
We need stories of those who’ve developed a useful legal document firsthand- either on their own or with guidance. 
We are interested in many different legal documents farmers craft and sign: Leases, operating agreements, partnership agreements, land contracts, sales contracts, CSA membership documents, promissory notes… 

If so, I would love to talk with you. Please send an email or call: or 608 616 5319. We will be using these stories to develop farmer profiles for print guides and short videos on farm law basics. If we do a full interview (a couple hours in length), compensation will be provided. 

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organic marketing materials

from the Soil Association!

Marketing support and toolkits
Let us help support your activities with marketing materials including; posters, postcards, booklets and logos as well as a range of web banners.

If you would like printed marketing materials, or have any questions please email

Why choose organic?

Buy organic. Know what's in your foodThe Why choose organic? resources include:

  • ‘Why choose organic?’ poster
  • ‘Buy organic. Know what’s in your food’ A3 poster and postcard
  • ‘Choose organic. More buzzy bees’ A3 poster and postcard
  • ‘Organic farming. More space to roam’ A3 poster and postcard
  • Organic September logo

Download the Why choose organic? marketing resources [zip, 19.8 mb]

more information here

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a place to get capital for cooperatives

The Working World is a non-profit organization that provides investment capital and technical support for worker cooperatives using an innovative finance model.


Worker cooperatives represent a valuable alternative to more traditional business structures. All members of a cooperatively-run business share the labor, decisions, responsibilities, profits, and ownership shares. The result is a democratic workplace that encourages active participation and shared wealth creation. And as a model based around its members’ desires and needs, worker cooperatives are deeply rooted in local communities, growing out of and in turn nurturing the neighborhoods that surround them.

We support worker cooperatives using a finance model that puts money at the service of people, not the other way around. We help design, fund, and carry out productive projects, only requiring that cooperatives pay us back with the revenues the investments generate. As active partners, we are more motivated to ensure that these projects are successful, or in other words, that finance is only used as a tool to create real, lasting wealth for those that it serves.

Upon return, all investment money is reintegrated to our locally-based revolving loan fund to be overseen by the cooperatives and the community it serves.

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manual and youtube channel on good agricultural practices (GAP)

tomato lady

This manual provides real-world examples of how small, diversified farms can cost-effectively manage food safety risk, and meet the standards set in the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification program. The goal was to see whether it was possible for these types of farms to actually pass a GAP audit, without breaking the bank and without requiring them to change their crop production practices. The intent of this manual is to share tips and strategies learned from this research that other small, diversified produce farms can employ to meet GAP certification requirements imposed by potential buyers. Click HERE to download the manual or HERE for their How-To Youtube channel! 

carolina farm stewardship association





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