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report from manchester

I’m here from the USA with a focus on charting the organizational work of young farmers across Europe. Throughout this  month I’ll be meeting  social entrepreneurs, farmers, organizers and activists who, undaunted by the complex, multidimensional  ecosystem and broken economy of food, are working together to fix it. Documenting these projects, evaluating,  and sharing ideas between us will speed this up. Our directory and community of cooperative food ventures and initiatives can make us stronger as we apply models from other places to our own towns, and learn as much as we can before repeating mistakes.  Continue reading

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the greenhorn’s summer BUZZ


HUDSON, NY (June 8, 2012) –  From their main street headquarters, the Greenhorns, a grassroots non-profit organization working to promote, support, and recruit young farmers in America, announces a big step forward.
The Greenhorns have gone live with a website redesign. The new site carries the same utility, free literature, and resources for new farmers (and the same URL) as the previous site, but now with more of the Greenhorns’ defining charismatic spark. Most importantly, the new site presents three of the most recent products of their work and makes these accessible to new farmers and their supporters in time for summer’s busy activity.

For the first time, the film The Greenhorns is available on DVD for home viewing. Personal copies of the feature-length documentary showing young farmers, their rosy cheeks and entrepreneurial valor, are available by direct order for only $25. The DVD is also available from the independent and socially conscious film distributor, Collective Eye.

Hot off the press from Storey Publishing comes Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement, an anthology of essays written by 50 young farmers cultivating the new American food system today. The book documents the struggles and joys of making the choice to farm, finding land, credit, tools and friends, tending the flock and the fields, making mistakes and finding purpose; of surviving the first ten years of being a farmer.

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book signing –> portland, oregon

9 may 2012
powell’s city of books, 1005 w burnside
book signing: join book editor zoe ida bradbury as well as contributing essayists katie kullamaud powell, and josh volk for a discussion and book signing of “greenhorns: 50 dispatches from the new farmer movement”. sponsored by powell’s books and storey publishing.
free and open to the public!

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greenhorns spring update!

February already almost done, wobbly weather on the east coast, blossoms started on the west coast. All of us bracing for a big year. The weather certainly is wobbly this season — “lash down the hoophouse matey!”

Good weather source: Accuweather has a farmer option, with estimated soil temp and moisture. In case you haven’t quite gotten your shit together, the Blog‘s got PLENTY of super duper farm jobs on there. Next year, do yourself a favor: find the farm in summer, interview in person, confirm your commitments in December– don’t wait this long, its stressful!

Some big bad news out of the USDA in recent weeks too, right during the middle of Egyptian Riots one GMO after another approved for commerical planting without regulation and without precautionary testing. Read up here:

The empire may be striking back, but our daikon forces can penetrate the hardpan, our rippling forearms lift and tip yet more cartloads of manure. If our democracy is contaminated by big business, we must redouble our investment and commitment to our community, our resiliency,  our skills and our place.

One farm at a time: this land is our land, this agriculture is direct action.

(this update is a lengthy one, so keep reading!)

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greenhorns update!


Greenhorns are back in the Hudson Valley from the far

reaches of western America, the brimming young farmer

scene filling our cup from Albuquerque to Vashon Island

and back. Maybe you came out to one of the mixers we

held in New Mexico, California, Washington and Oregon

this fall? There’s a very nice video of our Sacramento

Valley mixer we originally posted on our blog.

More to come in the new year!

It’s real winter here now, snow and ice and vermillion

winterberry hugging the shaggy windblown trees

by the wide river. Brrr. Time for work! We’re editing,

budgeting, planning well over fifty events for the year,

grinding coffee at a stupendous rate, taking twilight

walks and turning our daydreams into plans of action.

Oh – and we’re wrapping up Christmas presents!

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roundup of our southern trip

a few weeks ago, Severine embarked on a whirlwind southern trip.  Here is a recap of the adventures.

First, Washington DC for the Drake Forum with Wilmot Kidd, DP.  Along with Ben Shute and Lindsey Lusher, Sevie presented about the National Young Farmer Coalition and the 20 min sneak peak of the film was shown to a delighted, albeit quite tipsy audience. Continue reading

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It Takes A Village

Well. Many of you have been asking how our pig event was.  Honestly, it took us a few days to digest the weekend, and the pork. Now that our many brilliant photographers have edited and uploaded their photos, and we’re ready to fill you in.  We think the pictures say quite a bit.

Photos + More Photos + Even More From Trace Ramsey of Cricket Bread
Photos From Meaghan Murphy of Hudson Valley Food Network

and there are more to come, from a few photographers who are still honing 900+ images of it all.

It was glorious bacchanal, with a sweet portion for the freezer as well. Continue reading


Young Farmers Mixer – Hardwick, VT

Save the Date – JUNE 18th!

Greenhorns Young Farmers Mixer
young dairy, livestock, veggie, fruit and grain farmers as well as young ag.-based business owners and employees are all welcome! download the poster HERE and get psyched.


live music, local beer, veggie nibbles and farmstead cheeses, bike blenders for smoothies, high mowing seeds!

WHERE: Claire’s + the Center for an Agricultural Economy on Main Street in Hardwick, VT
WHEN: 6pm – midnight, Bonfire Afterwards!

Come One Come All!!

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Greenhorns Radio

Want more Greenhorns news in your life?  Check out the Greenhorns radio show online via the Heritage Radio Network.  Each show is archived and worth a listen.

This week Severine interviewed Kevin Skvorak of Regeneration CSA in High Falls, NY. Regeneration CSA is a community supported farm growing with permaculture based, no-till systems that use no chemicals and regenerate our soils.


Last Week, she spoke with Jacob Cowgill, innovative dryland vegetable grower and new farm owner.  Jacob also has a rather rad new blog:

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