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chaseholm farm grand opening

A model.

There will be a cow salon/photo booth, cow milking lessons, farm tours at 2:30 and 3:30, live music, some foods, a raffle for farm store treats, calf cuddling, and acquaintance making of neighbors and friends.  We will also be kicking off farm store season with a special 20% discount card we are calling Milk Money but it works for all of our goodies in the store, not just the milk.  Read more about that below the flyer :)   We hope to see you there, with your kids and your friends and maybe your parents too. Join us!  



To celebrate we are launching “MILK MONEY” – a farm store card that enables you to support Chaseholm Farm in exchange for a 20% discount on store goods. Purchase of a $200 MILK MONEY card entitles you to $250 worth of core farm products. Purchasing a card will help us buy seeds and equipment this spring and offers you great farm store value. Products that can be purchased using the card are:
Raw Milk fresh from our grass based herd of Jersey’s and Holsteins.  We are especially excited to be offering this promotion as spring brings us fresh grass and the cows embark on another season of grazing, providing nutrient rich milk to us all.
Farmstead Cheeses from our very own Chaseholm Farm Creamery. Chaseholm Camembert, Moonlight, StellaVallis, Alphage, Queso Blancos and Farmers Cheeses.  My brother Rory makes all the cheeses with his team and our milk. Continue reading

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pedal and plow

An interesting project to follow in the coming years: Pedal and Plow


Pedal and Plow is a documentary web series following Lydia Caudill, Creator and host of Pn’P, as she rides her bike from Paraguay all the way home to Washington state. Along the way she’ll be documenting alternatives to industrial agricultural from those on the front lines of food justice in Latin America. She’ll interview farmers and organizations all strivingto maintain their personal and community right to determine their diet and way of life in the face of a rapidly industrializing food system. The solutions will be local, but we hope for our scope to be far reaching. Lydia believes that sharing these ideas can inform and empower everyone connected to their food throughout the world. We invite you to join her on this epic trip! Check out the most recent episodes, or learn more from Lydia on her blog. 


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inspiring videos from a fellow greenhorn

You guys continue to inspire us! We just heard from Deann Horak who had this to say:

About 5 years ago I saw a picture of Severine in an in-flight magazine on Midwest Express. She was so happy holding a goose and eating an apple. The accompanying story was really inspiring and something about that picture struck me and I knew that I wanted to feel that way about the life I was living. I tore the picture out of the magazine and kept it with me – something of an unwritten mission statement.  I went back to my life as a tv editor in NYC  and kept at it until I found my farm – its in the Driftless region of Wisconsin and it made for the best 35th birthday gift I could have ever bought myself. On a Friday last May I walked out of our offices on Wall St. and on Monday, just after lunch the Uhaul was in the driveway of the farm. We call it East Branch Heirlooms. We grow organic vegetables for the Viroqua Food Coop and 2 restaurants. I only wish I had done it sooner.
As much as I thought I was done with tv, I’m not. There are too many great young farmers here!  I bought a camera, started shooting myself and am putting together the stories of the farmers and foodmakers in this region.
Well done, Deann.  Here’s one of her videos:

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greenhorns & grayhorns

The recently published book, Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmer Movement, includes nine “dispatches” from Oregon farmers and ranchers. These authors represent the growing youth movement in Oregon agriculture. The keynote session features four of the Oregon authors and greenhorn farmers representing different regions of the state: Sarahlee Lawrence, Rainshadow Organics, Terrebonne; Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farm, Portland; Cory Carman, Carman Ranch, Wallowa; Teresa Retzlaff, 46 North Farm, Olney. However, greenhorns would not be anywhere without grayhorns.” Moderating the panel is well-known organic seed grower and inveterate grayhorn, Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed, Philomath

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music for your february farm projects

Check this out from Robin Grey: The Ballad of Hawkwood. One of our new favorites.


Hawkwood Nursery is the main site of Organiclea, a workers’ cooperative growing food on London’s edge in the Lea Valley. 

The melody comes from an old english murder ballad called ‘The Two Sisters’ which I first heard performed by Rachael Dadd. Tom Waits does a recording which is very good if you want to hear the original.


There is a fine gent christened Ru Litherland
Mulch, sow and then reap
There is a fine gent christened Ru Litherland
And he has green fingers on both of his hands
I’ll be good to the land and the land will be good to me  Continue reading

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off the charts

the song-poem story. songpoem

OFF THE CHARTS: The Song-Poem Story is a fascinating, at times unsettling, documentary that exposes the strange underworld of the song-poem industry. In this little known subculture, “ordinary people” respond to come-on ads on the back pages of magazines, mailing in their heartfelt but often bizarre poems to “music industry” companies that, for a fee, turn those poems into real recordings. OFF THE CHARTS explores a truly unique, never-before-seen slice of Gothic Americana through interviews with several song-poem writers, the jaded producers and musicians who set their words to music, and a few of the growing number of zealous song-poem connoisseurs.



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a great speech

by NOFA-NY’s Farmer of the Year


There was a lot of pride and excitement in the North Country agricultural community when “one of our own” was named Farmer of the Year by the Northeast Organic Farmers Association – New York chapter. Brian Bennett and his wife, Ann, have been farming on Bittersweet Farms in Heuvelton for almost 15 years. They’ve become go-to farmer-educators for many people in the region, including deep ties with St. Lawrence University. Brian accepted his award last month in Saratoga Springs and gave the keynote speech. Here it is in its entirety, provided by Bittersweet Farms. Enjoy the great read!

We are more than just a producer of food.  We are Bittersweet Farm, a small – scale diversified organic agricultural enterprise wholly committed to sharing.  I personally aspire to someday knowing enough to be a farma, in the meantime I have settled on being a small –scale local, diversified organic agricultural entrepreneur.  We share. Sharing is Caring.  We belong to a nutritionally rich education sharing community.  Community starts with community organizers.  You my friends/comrades will be richly rewarded as organizers within the organic community.  Affluent, privatized societies are not sustainable, and are not challenged to contribute to community.

In 1896  William Jennings Bryan said “Burn down your cities but leave our farms and your cities will spring up again as if by magic.  But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” Continue reading

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this is the farm

We love TXYFC podcasts!


Episode #7 features A+S Farm, based out of Moulton, TX. Shaun and Amy Jones raise heritage Gulf Coast Sheep for meat, utilizing an intensive pasture management system called “Mob Grazing”. We dive into the details on this, as well as the nitty gritty of moving from an urban setting to a rural one, with tips on how to get out into the country as painlessly as possible. They are making it happen super legit style – much to learn from these trailblazers!

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during these literary months

we highly recommend a few online archives of useful contentScreen shot 2013-12-30 at 3.20.45 PM
to find any book at a public  library near you
to find online books, movies, music.. and a copy of the internet from any period in time
a non corporate version of grooveshark/pandora that lets you experiment with new music that others have posted

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