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sail powered rum

Tres Hombres is an initiative that thrives on combined passions; sailing, traditional ships, shipbuilding, crew training, a Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 9.19.08 PMhealthy environment, good harmony and of course rum! Tres Hombres stands for enjoying life. Like a message in a bottle, the ship contains a dream about reviving traditional sailed cargo shipping, a dream that has already partly been fulfilled.

In the sixteenth century, when excise taxes were standardized, the illegal transport and trade of rum, known as rum running came to life. During the American prohibition in the twenties this trade form reached its climax. Tres Hombres follows this line of business, but contrary to what was the case with traditional rum running, this is a legal trade. However, the title rumrunner perfectly illustrates the buccaneer’s style and bravery of this entrepreneurship.

Tres Hombres ships rum from the Caribbean without fuel or an engine in the tradition of the old rumrunners, creating the world’s only Fairtransport rum. This is done by the ship: rumrunner ‘Tres Hombres’. It’s the first and only authentic rum runner to exist in this millennium! Since 2010, this ship transports specially produced editions of rum, making Fairtransport rum available only in Europe! The limited edition rum is loaded into the ship’s belly by hand. Depending on the weather, the rum spends up to two months in the hold of this engineless cargo ship. Man and ship fight the elements the way it used to be done in the old days, delivering their cargo safe, sound and dry at the homeport. All this is done by an environmentally friendly journey over the Atlantic Ocean.

This sustainable initiative is creating a name for itself within the international rum scene, with its premium rum, specially bottled and shipped, emission-free, from the Caribbean.

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rural academy theater – dates have posted!


The Rural Academy Theater is a collaboration of individuals, two-legged & four creating theater for primarily rural audiences in response to the growing urbanization of our culture, economy, food, education, media, & art.

Their annual horse-pulled tour brings performers, musicians, sculptors, & dancers to town greens, college campuses, theaters, riverbanks, & farms via horse pulled wagon & bicycle power. They perform evenings of original theater under the stars or clouds using their wagon as their stage followed by a healthy dose of classic silent cinema accompanied by the Rural Academy Orkestar.

2014 Tour Schedule:

Sept. 20th – 8pm- Mulberry Recreation Center, 720 Mulberry St., Lenoir

Sept. 23rd – 8pm- 87 Ruffin St. Gallery, (87 Ruffin St., Linville)

Sept. 25th – 8pm- Appalachian State University, (Sanford Mall, Boone) Continue reading

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update from greenhorns agroforestry project manager

This is a report from James Most, who runs  the Greenhorns AgroForestry project made possible by Nutiva.
Progress of the Chestnut Project as of Summer 2014
What is Happening?
Hundreds of baby chestnut seedlings have germinated and are putting on lush growth in nursery beds and pots on Orcas Island, Washington. These young trees are being propagated from seed, and will spend all of 2014 growing and getting thick enough to be grafted to selected varieties in the spring of 2015. Starting in 2016, these trees will be robust enough to transplant out of the nursery and into orchards.
Why is this Happening?
The goal of this project is to encourage landowners, farmers, and ranchers to incorporate functional tree crops into their land management practices. Tree crops benefit all elements of land management- from the environmental angle: erosion control and carbon uptake, to the business angle: crop diversification/resiliency and reduction of dependence on grain based animal feeds. Sponsored by a grant from Nutiva, these chestnut trees will be distributed to ranchers, farmers, and landowners on the West Coast with consultation and establishment support.
Who is doing this?
With fiscal support from Nutiva and project sponsorship from the Greenhorns, James Most and Sara Joy Palmer are leasing a site on Orcas Island for the chestnut nursery and are currently propagating hundred of trees. In addition to propagating trees, James and Sara Joy have begun reaching out to potential landowners on the West Coast to site future chestnut orchards. Just this spring, they installed a 2 acre chestnut, walnut, and apple orchard for a landowner and organic farmer on Orcas Island.
How to find out more and get involved:
Contact James at to find out more about the progress of the project and to talk all things chestnuts.


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artists seek farm for workshop/event

IMG_0004Scrimpy Summer Farm Tour

Sometime between August 20th and the 25th, a tribe of New Yorkers (art world acolytes, anthropocene practitionersgritty urban gardeners, and experimental musicians who were brought together during experiences of Occupy and continue to elaborate new forms of life) want to take our cultural goods (pw: blackoutjdb) and ways on the road to your farmland for a day. Taking seriously the task at hand, of living, eating, fighting and dying in our urban environment, whose constant and inevitable decay has been seized as an opportunity to immure us deeper and more sticky in this so-called world, we reach North because we wonder what you are doing, learning and building!

What we plan to do is have a night with some art performances, one or two musical acts (scrimpy), and a traveling art show. We will be bringing our own equipment, PA, tents, etc… but what we will need is some sort of space with access to electricity for the performances, whether it be a barn, a field, a front porch or even living room. Our means are very lo-fi and our vision very flexible based on the situations offered. If we are welcome to, we would like to spend an extra day in each location as a way of really seeing what is going on and to offer back a helping hand in a harvest or building project or anything else you need. We can also offer reciprocal hospitality in New York City, either at Woodbine or a large loft space.
For this first attempt we are mostly interested in the Hudson Valley/Catskills/Western Mass, though we’d travel as far as Ithaca.

If this interests you, please get in touch with Elise: elise.duryeebrowner [at] THanks!!”

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dancing on farms

in our constant quest for rural-based, rural-themed, and rural-economy enabled artistic practices and programs, we bring you this experimental art dance troop — who perform in the adirondacks

THE SPACE WE MAKE is a performance collective that creates site-specific works outside of traditional theater settings. These multi-media performances incorporate input from audiences, communities, and the spaces in which members build and perform. Co-founded and directed by writer/musician Caitlin Scholl & choreographer/dancer Simon Thomas-Train, the group consists of a core roster of artists based in New York City and beyond.

Our mission is to:
Create and/or promote new works of performance in specific, unusual, or heretofore unused spaces; Reimagine or repurpose specific spaces/places through creative action;
Build, perform and/or promote work that sources creative input or ideas from a community beyond the performance group;
Connect with communities through the exploration and use of non-traditional performance space;
Create new venues for audiences to experience contemporary dance, music, writing, theater, visual and media arts.



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