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the indigenous farming project

Planting Justice in the Owens Valley: the Indigenous Farming Project 

by May Nguyen of Planting Justice 


I’ve been working on behalf of Planting Justice with a project called the Indigenous Farming Project (IFP), a tribal agriculture & nutrition pilot program in collaboration with San Francisco artist collective Future Farmers. Inspired by his train travels through the reservation lands, EPA Region 9 director Jared Blumenfeld recognized a common desire for developing food sovereignty projects within native communities and asked Amy Francheschini of Future Farmers to start up a program that would help tribes gain access to the resources they need to build resilient foodsystems on their lands.

Many tribal reservations are geographically isolated and are “food deserts” in which there is very little or no access to healthy fresh foods, ( In order to combat this health related epidemic, there has been a resurgence in the number of American Indians and their allies championing a revitalization of traditional food knowledge and ritual farming-and-gardening.

In spring 2012, Anya Kamenskaya, the IFP project manager, started the first IFP-sponsored site with the Environmental Department of the Big Pine Paiute of the Owens Valley. Over the course of the year, as I joined on as a co-project manager and permaculture designer, we were able to work with Alan Bacock, Tony Karl & Sally Manning of the Environmental Department to design & plan an active demonstration community garden on the land of the Big Pine Paiute Tribal Headquarters.

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farmhack ally Rebecca Burgess

bringing textiles into the conversation for truly living locally and gently – all beginning with a personal one-year challenge to live in clothes whose fibers and dyes were sourced within 150 miles of Rebecca’s home in San Geronimo, California — thereafter knowns as the “Fibershed” project.

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In and around Hudson? Grazin’ Angus Acres–those authentic, pasture loving, grass fed & finished cattle raisers–are opening a REAL grass fed & finished burger joint in Hudson. Opening in a month or two at the old diner on Warren street across from the park. It just so happens, it’s also a hop, skip, and jump from the new Greenhorns office at Warren & 7th. Lunch anyone?

If you’re interested in being a part, Grazin’ Angus Acres is currently on the search for service and they’re keen to hire folks who are passionate about good, clean food.

Contact Farmer Dan @ 518-392-3620 or @ – and check out his interview on NBC Nightly News!

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provisions, salt hay, 1600′s farm

John Whitman Davis, known to everyone as “Whit,” is proprietor of one of the oldest farms in the state. Located on a gorgeous plot of land bordered by Long Island Sound, the Stanton Davis farm was established in the middle 1600s by Thomas Stanton, the interpreter general for the crown colonies of New England:


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