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land access event

Land Access and the Challenge for the Food Movement: Panel discussiontruck

Land access is a serious challenge facing small-scale farmers. Concentration of ownership, increasing farm size, rural gentrification, financial speculation, and rising pressure from residential and industrial real estate developers have made farmland increasingly difficult to get.

One strategy for increasing land access that we are seeing with increasing frequency is the development of land trusts that attempt to intervene in speculative land markets in order to protect farmland. According to the American Farmland Trust’s 2012 national survey, agricultural easements have facilitated the protection of 5 million acres of land. Continue reading

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rural academy theater – dates have posted!


The Rural Academy Theater is a collaboration of individuals, two-legged & four creating theater for primarily rural audiences in response to the growing urbanization of our culture, economy, food, education, media, & art.

Their annual horse-pulled tour brings performers, musicians, sculptors, & dancers to town greens, college campuses, theaters, riverbanks, & farms via horse pulled wagon & bicycle power. They perform evenings of original theater under the stars or clouds using their wagon as their stage followed by a healthy dose of classic silent cinema accompanied by the Rural Academy Orkestar.

2014 Tour Schedule:

Sept. 20th – 8pm- Mulberry Recreation Center, 720 Mulberry St., Lenoir

Sept. 23rd – 8pm- 87 Ruffin St. Gallery, (87 Ruffin St., Linville)

Sept. 25th – 8pm- Appalachian State University, (Sanford Mall, Boone) Continue reading

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farmscale permaculture

October 2-5, 2014
Iowa City, IA 52240

IMG_4071Do you want to plan, install, and operate large-scale permaculture systems for maximum resiliency and economic stability?   Ready to learn from international experts in tree crops, keyline design, and multi-species grazing?

We’re all in a unique place in history.  Our motivations are clear: live an enjoyable life, earn a living from a sustainable and regenerative source, and build security while facing an uncertain future.  The only reliable way to fulfill these goals, for ourselves and the greater world, is to scale-up permaculture.  Farmscale Permaculture is the process of rolling out scalable systems that feed lots of people and rebuild ecosystems – changing how Earth looks from space.

Hosted at VersaLand, an emerging 145-acre regenerative savanna actively transforming a degraded monocultural landscape into an abundant agroecosystem.  You can see it happening with your own eyes.

It’s possible, it’s being done, and it’s easier than you think.

More information here


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artists seek farm for workshop/event

IMG_0004Scrimpy Summer Farm Tour

Sometime between August 20th and the 25th, a tribe of New Yorkers (art world acolytes, anthropocene practitionersgritty urban gardeners, and experimental musicians who were brought together during experiences of Occupy and continue to elaborate new forms of life) want to take our cultural goods (pw: blackoutjdb) and ways on the road to your farmland for a day. Taking seriously the task at hand, of living, eating, fighting and dying in our urban environment, whose constant and inevitable decay has been seized as an opportunity to immure us deeper and more sticky in this so-called world, we reach North because we wonder what you are doing, learning and building!

What we plan to do is have a night with some art performances, one or two musical acts (scrimpy), and a traveling art show. We will be bringing our own equipment, PA, tents, etc… but what we will need is some sort of space with access to electricity for the performances, whether it be a barn, a field, a front porch or even living room. Our means are very lo-fi and our vision very flexible based on the situations offered. If we are welcome to, we would like to spend an extra day in each location as a way of really seeing what is going on and to offer back a helping hand in a harvest or building project or anything else you need. We can also offer reciprocal hospitality in New York City, either at Woodbine or a large loft space.
For this first attempt we are mostly interested in the Hudson Valley/Catskills/Western Mass, though we’d travel as far as Ithaca.

If this interests you, please get in touch with Elise: elise.duryeebrowner [at] THanks!!”

Continue reading

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farm-based festival alert!

September 19-21. 2014

Lake City, Michigan

The Earthwork Harvest Gathering is a celebration of food and music, featuring the freshest of local ingredients and fine imported specialties. A family-friendly Gathering bringing us into contact with the abundance of our community, the Earthwork Harvest Gathering has ripened Michigan’s artisan culture for 13 years and running, and hosts 2500+ attendees, who camp in the mixed hardwood forests and open meadows of Earthwork Farm every third weekend in September, annually.

FREE water, FREE showers, FREE camping and parking! Click HERE to find out more information!

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ny: introduction to draft animal power

Sept 20-21

Northland Sheep Dairy, Marathon, NY

Come participate in a hands-on experience with one of the region’s most wonderful draft animal gurus. Donn Hewes is an experienced teamster and a passionate educator, and loves teaching others how to think like a horse. This is your chance to learn the basics of working with draft horses and mules. Our trainees absolutely LOVE this class!

Sliding Scale Registration $125 to $290 for two days
To register send email

“The draft horse workshop at Northland was INCREDIBLE. Literally one of the coolest things I’ve ever participated in EVER. Donn is a Master and is so generous with his time and knowledge. Groundswell is opening so many awesome doors…..”       Groundswell Trainee, 2011

To learn more about this event, visit Groundswell’s website. 

draft horses

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agricultural authors at empire farm days

Empire Farm Days is celebrating authors who write about agriculture. Five New York State-based RinckerCover-35383002.5authors will be talking with visitors and signing and selling books in the Cornell Marketplace Building at the 2014 Empire Farm Days on Wednesday August 6 from 10am to 4pm. The 300-acre event takes place at Rodman Lott and Son Farms, 2973 Route 414, in Seneca Falls, NY.

The authors coming to Empire Farm Days include:

. Dr. George Conneman, author of General, Miscellaneous, and All Other: Stories from Dr. George Conneman, a lighthearted collection of lessons the highly-regarded Cornell University professor emeritus of farm management has learned from nearly 60 years of working with farmers and their families in New York;

Cari B. Rincker, Esq., co-author of Field Manual: Legal Guide for New York Farmers and Food Entrepreneurs, a practical guide to everything from farm and wind energy leases and animal law to food labeling and considerations for on-farm slaughter and cottage food production; Continue reading


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