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new york: buzz with rev. billy’s honeybeelujah campaign



Springtime Greetings to the Citizens of Earthalujahville!

This spring we run our parallel performances – our nonviolent dramatic activism and our run at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater on May and June Sunday afternoons in New York.  The outside and inside stages feed off each other, with information, arrests and whoops of “Earthalujah!”

Buzz with our HoneyBeeLujah campaign. We will conduct media-genic “bee-swarmings” in and around the property of Monsanto, Bayer, Cargill, and Archer Daniels Midland.  We will perform inside big big box stores where bee-killing chemicals are sold to domestic gardeners from the shelf.  The Bee-stinger-singers will follow the EXECUTIVES OF THE ABOMINABLE MONOCULTURE – into their lobbies, the parking lots and restaurants.  The workers in these hedge funds and chemical companies must be gently exposed to the truth about their pesticide poisons.

If you are in New York, please join us at one of our eight shows starting Sunday May 4th.



Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir




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house of fairy tales cartography!


Cartography Portfolio



We enlisted the imaginations of artists to realize the aesthetic, visualize the psycho-geography and describe the terrain, landscape, characters and stories of The House of Fairy Tales. This portfolio is a collection of works that aim to describe the lay of the land. Much like the worlds encompassed in the great works of fantasy literature or the modern digital gaming artforms, The House of Fairy Tales encompasses whole continents, foreign lands and wildernesses as well as the familiar and comforting homes of its incumbent characters. The sale of this portfolio will contribute towards the charities activities with children and families.The Cartography Portfolio consists of twelve prints in a range of sizes from A2 to A1, with 10 lithography prints (including a specially created work by Sir Peter Blake) and two silkscreens.

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the baffler

worthwhile winter reading!  Subscribe here.  baflr23_000covr_front_300

The Baffler, est. 1988, is a printed and digital magazine of art and criticism appearing three times annually—spring, summer, and fall. We’re headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts; edited by John Summers,Thomas Frank, and Chris Lehmann; designed by Patrick Flynn; distributed byMIT Press; and delivered to subscribers and bookstores in all fifty U.S. states.

The Baffler is now printing on its most regular and prolific schedule since it first stirred to life. Each new issue features our signature salvos in cheerfully independent cultural criticism, plus poems, stories, and illustrations agile and vivid enough to call adverse attention to the illusions propping up the leadership class. Last summer we even copublished a book, James Agee’s Cotton Tenants, a once-forgotten manuscript about long-forgotten farmers living through the country’s last Great Depression. Continue reading

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a super wonderful horse-drawn theatre company

Rural Academy Theatre



In horse pulled wagons stocked with a bicycle powered silent cinema, an Appalachian-balkan-brass-klezmer-dixieland-string ensemble, kinetic sculpture and their signature low-tech theater appliances, the newly formedRural Academy Theater have staged their innovative performances in the town greens, theaters, college campuses, and pastures of Western North Carolina. “By not relying on gasoline powered propulsion or being dependent upon electricity and the typical expensive gadgetry associated with professional theater, we will be traveling and performing at a much more human pace, one that will allow for a more thorough integration into the communities and lives we visit,” said Gabriel Harrell, the theater’s co-founder. Continue reading

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land art in north dakota

Where land prices rose 26% in 2012, mostly because of fracking speculation.


Satellite Fields

SATELLITE FIELDS is a series of large-scale tree formations planted in North Dakota. Covering 4 acres of land, each piece will be large enough to appear in satellite surveillance of the area, so that the formations can be visited two ways: in-person and via internet programs such as Google Earth.

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crimes of the heart

“Crimes of the Heart” By Beth Henley
Join us this August at the Clark Commons for a late Summer evening of food and theatre amongst our gardens and towering mama maple trees.  Grab a bowl of soup from the cauldron, talk  with friends, fill your jar, and find your seat; the show is about to  start.  Barefoot or tux, everyone eats.
August 23,24,29,30,31 @7pm
August 25 @2pm
Clark Commons
1530 Royalton Turnpike
Barnard, VT
Farm Fresh Dinner Theatre $25

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baking and breaking bread

eec46fef-ce11-4932-ab62-e756f47a64f3-1Baking Bread for a Sustainable Future

by Chris Riedy, 2 August 2013.

It’s raining lightly in Oslo as our procession makes its way past the gleaming white of the Opera House, jutting like a glacier over Oslo Fjord. I am following an artist, Eva Bakkeslett, on a strange journey to a kind of guerilla bakehouse. Colleagues from around the world are stretched out behind me in a chattering, happy chain. None of us are entirely sure where we are going – in fact, I’m starting to think we might be lost.

We are winding our way through what appears to be a construction site in the Oslo docklands. We pass some locals fishing in the fjord, but there is no sign of our destination. Then, suddenly, we round a bend and a strange structure is revealed. It is Bakehouse Bjørvika, a public baking facility housed within an experimental architectural structure in Bjørvika. It is the home of the Flatbread Society. Our visit is part of the integrated art program at the excellentTransformation in a Changing Climate Conference.

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groovy activist artist conference


Gabfestry for Creative Dissenters
August 19-24, 2013

What is this?

Gabfestry will be an opportunity for politically minded artists (of all media) to geek-out, talk shop, learn from each other, and share our experiences and concerns.  This event will be held August 19-24 and offer a chance for artists to plug in to perspectives of a broader movement, when all-too-often it’s easy to feel like isolated cells working in a vacuum or specific genre. Each day will hold a variety of curated lectures, panel discussions, performances, and workshops. Continue reading

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rural route film fest needs your help!!

Rural Route needs a bit more help to make this year’s film fest happen! Please, if you can, check out their indiegogo page and support this amazing event.

ALSO, YOU SHOULD ATTEND THE FESTIVAL!! July 27 and August 1-4, 2013!!  

from their indiegogo page:

We don’t have the backing of larger organizations, and this year, more than ever, we’re finding huge increases in operational expenses and fees across the board.  We need your help to keep at it with our unique, important work!

Rural Route’s film fest was established in 2003 to create a platform for artists’ work that focuses on unique people and cultures outside the bustle of the city.  Every year our program covers a wide spectrum of local and global content, giving audiences a window into one-of-a-kind worlds, and highlighting subjects often ignored by the mainstream medi, often lost in other festivals.  Our content tackles some of the most important topics of the day within the slow food movement, global warming/environmental arena, and life sustainability symposium.

We are known for screening new, cutting edge indie films that are hard to see anywhere else, such as Now, Forager:  a relationship drama about a New Jersey mushroom-hunting couple, and Truck Farm:  a whimsical documentary that explores issues in urban agriculture and sustainability…  Global diversity is essential to Rural Route’s programming as well – this year we have 28 films from 13 countries on 5 continents!  We also give utmost respect to short films, archival film, and film as an artform!

We need to reach a certain level just to cover these operating expenses, but we hope to go above and beyond that to put together something fantastic, making the best of our awesome opportunities through incredible venues such as Brooklyn Grange’s flagship rooftop farm overlooking the Manhattan skyline in Long Island City.  We also have a new outlet for live music and onsite food via the Museum of the Moving Image’s new outdoor courtyard, and the chance to have special guests for you to interact with for our amazing new films from Chile, Kazakhstan, Senegal, China, and New Jersey.  We can also add to special retro/restoration programs, such as this year’s tribute to the late Les Blank, and a screening of a new DCP restoration of Werner Herzog’s “Fitzcarraldo”.

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incredible rural project

Curtains Without Borders.

Curtains Without Borders is a conservation project dedicated to documenting and preserving historic painted scenery. The painted curtains are found in town halls, grange halls, theaters and opera houses. They were created between 1890 and 1940, although on rare occasions, pieces painted after 1940 are also included in our inventories.

Continue reading

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mesoamerica resiste

MR_Crop4_SmallThe Beehive Collective has a new poster!

In their words: These graphics depict many stories of resistance to Project Mesoamerica, formerly known as the PPP (Plan Puebla Panama), a massive infrastructure project that aims to pave the way for Free Trade in Mexico, Central America and ColombiaThe name of this Graphics Campaign, Mesoamerica Resiste, reflects our efforts to go beyond illustrating corporate globalization — to illustrate, document and share diverse stories of survival, community development, collective action and inspiration… In our latest work, so far we’ve included over 200 endemic, endangered and requested species of insects and animals, and more than 100 plants. The collection of images that the Bees have produced are being woven together into a giant poster that will be printed on two sides.

Head here to check it out, learn more, and to support this art that teaches and inspires.


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